True Four Place Utility

This is a truly usable airplane! Cockpit dimensions are slightly larger than the much loved Cessna 172, and includes a large cargo area which has its own huge cargo door for access.

Carry Four People, Full Fuel, and 250 lbs

The useful load (depending on engine and builder finish out) ranges from 1100-1500 lbs. The 50 gallon main fuel tanks can be filled and four full sized adults carried with room left over for 250 lbs of baggage or cargo.

Wide Choice of Engines 150 to 260 HP

The Bearhawk delivers outstanding performance (125 160 mph, 1000-2000 fpm climb) regardless of the engine. The take off and climb is truly impressive making it an ideal airplane for all types of applications including floats.

4 place bearhawk
STOL cargo plane

Cargo Bay with Large Doors

The back seat can be removed resulting in a HUGE cargo area with unobstructed access. Not only does the back seat have its own door, but the back door combines with the cargo door to allow a six foot loading area. In addition, the back seat can be flipped around and mounted with the seat facing aft. This moves the CG of the rear seat passengers 8 or 9 inches forward.

Tubing Fuselage with Lots of Doors

The time proven 4130 steel tube fuselage is the accepted standard for both longevity and crash survivability. For those thinking of serious bush operations, it is also the most easily repaired in the case of an accident.

All Metal Wings with Lots of Flaps

The modified 4412 airfoil combined with big flaps and a long, all metal wing offer the best combination for short field take off and landings (STOL). Depending of course on the pilots skill, the Bearhawk can operate safely from most any field that is called an airport. Some Bearhawk owners have put the big tundra tires on their airplanes, and operate on the remote landing spots used by Canadian bush pilots in northern Canada.


Quick-Build Kits and Sub-components
Four People, Full Fuel, 150-160 mph

High useful load

  • 1300 pounds w/180hp
  • 1100 pounds w/250 hp

Useful Performance

  • 250 hp -160 mph @75%-150 mph @62%
  • 180 hp -145 mph@ 75 %-135 mph @ 60%
  • 40 mph touchdown speed
  • 400 foot takeoff at 2,500 pounds (250 hp)
  • 650-800 mile range on standard tanks
  • 850-1000 miles with aux tanks


  • Four FAA-people, full fuel (50 gals std)
  • Cabin size of Cessna 180
  • 52 inch cargo door
  • Super wide CG envelope (12″)


  • Build time 850-1200 hours (actual builders’ times)
  • All-metal wings-90% factory riveted, solid rivets
  • Fuselage 4130 tube-painted and ready for cover

Proven Design

  • 1000+ hours on prototype
  • 140+ plus plus kits delivered
  • 100+ Bearhawks flying worldwide (both from kits and plans)
  • Performance specs verified by builders

Top Speed (Vne)

175 mph, IAS

Cruise Speed (260 hp)

150 mph (62%), TAS (varies with builder,engine,weight)

Cruise Speed (180 hp)

135-140 mph, TAS

Landing Speed

40 mph, IAS

Takeoff Roll

200-500 ft, demonstrated (depends on engine)

Rate of Climb @ gross

1,500-1,700 fpm (varies with builder,engine, etc.)

Range @ 65% est.

650 mi.

Range @ 50% est.

900 mi.

Empty Weight

1150-1550 pounds (varies w /builder /engine /prop)

Gross weight

2500 pounds (2700 pounds on floats)

Useful Load

950-1350 pounds (varies w/ builder/ engine/ prop)

Fuel Capacity

50 gallons (standard) 72 gallons (optional, w/aux tanks)

Wing span

33 ft.

Wing area

180 sq. ft.


23 ft. 6 in.

Cabin Width

42 in.

Cabin Length

9 ft 8 in. (firewall to back of back of baggage area)

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  • The Bearhawk has about 32 hrs on it now, and is performing flawlessly so far! It’s a very easy and honest airplane to fly. I’ve been able to induct 7 new BH pilots, and they all agree…’s one of the best all around airplanes they’ve ever flown. I went with a Monty Barrett balanced IO 540X and a MT 3 bladed prop, extremely smooth combination. All of your performance numbers are accurate, your kit is a pleasure to build, and working with you, Jim, Budd,and the rest of the BH tribe is great! Thank you for the great support. I’ve experienced the RV grin……..and now the Bearhawk Rush !!! I’m convinced now more than ever, the more BH’s that come on line and the more pilots fly them, your kit sales are going to grow exponentially… …brace yourself !! Lets try and put together a Bearhawk fly-in at my strip here in Lakeland ! Cheers!!

    Mike Araldi
  • Gents: Oshkosh was nice. Lots of “Stuff” to do and see. The Bearhawk: Got a demo ride in the Bearhawk demo plane. Very cool and inspiring. The Power On Slow Flight is truly “Poetry in Motion.” We did turns in this configuration and it was simply amazing. Its very hard to stall the plane and, when it does, you need very little control input to recover. The neatest thing I can tell you (and I do not mean to slam Cessna and Piper) but the control of the plane is much like a Beech. Very solid and does what you tell it to do, like it should. No slop. I hope I can figure how to rig mine that way. I believe you will be able to fly it with your figure tips (for those that were taught to trim and fly like that) Special Thanks to Demo Dave!

    David W.
  • Let me start by saying that my main reason this year for coming to oshkosh was to take a better look at the Bearhawk. As for the way I feel about the flight well lets see. I cant even tell you how wonderful of an airplane it is. You already know. But I will say I was very happy and I cant wait to really start building one. Words cant describe on how wonderful it flies thats all I could talk about to a few of my flying buddies. I will be keeping in touch and possibly putting my order in after the 1st of the year. I must say thank you for the demo flight it has charged me with the drive to get one of the best flying airplane out there. It flew better than I could have even hoped for. Very impressive performance. Thanks.

    James L