Everything that made the Super Cub famous with Greater Speed, Better Climb Rate & 9 Hour Endurance.

If you are considering building your own Bearhawk Patrol, we’re here to encourage you with a variety of options. You can simply purchase the plans and begin scrounging for raw materials, or you can purchase some sub-kits or components from us. We welcome any and all Bearhawk builders into the fold. However, if you think you want to scratch build we recommend that you talk to builders that have gone before you. Nearly all will tell you to purchase our Quick Build kit. Save yourself 1000s of hours of work and fly years sooner. We believe that even craftsmen and machinists benefit from building from our Quick Build kit. (There’s still a lot of enjoyable work to accomplish).

Patrol FuselageQuick Build Kit: $44,750 USD
(No welding required)


  • Quick Build Wing Kit
  • Quick Build Fuselage Kit

When purchasing the Quick Build Kit subtract $280 USD if you already have plans.

If delivered by Bearhawk Aircraft: $925 USD
If delivered by common carrier: $950 USD wings / $950 USD fuselage

Other Components

Quick Build Wing Kit: $19,655 USD

These wings are sold in an advanced level of completion. The top skin is completely finish riveted. The forward edge of the bottom skin is finish riveted to the bottom flange of the main spar, and aft of the main spar the bottom skin is drilled and dimpled as are the ribs the bottom skin is riveted to. The bottom skin is pop riveted (with a few pops) for shipment. Spars and all spar parts are alumi-prepped, alodined, and primered with MIL-P-23377E strontium chromate epoxy primer. Wing skin interiors and all ribs are primered with Zinc Chromate. Steel parts in the wings are primered with epoxy primer and top coated with MIL-C-22750D epoxy paint. Quick Build wings come with ailerons and flaps 90% finished, but still requiring fabric covering. Fuel tanks are included,but must be installed.

Basic Fuselage: $10,800 USD

Welding required. Includes finish welded fuselage frame (unpainted).

The basic fuselage structure complete, but with only the most important attach fittings finish welded on. These are:

  • Wing attach fittings
  • Wing Strut Fittings
  • Landing gear attach fittings
  • Wing strut attach fittings
  • and the tail surfaces attach fittings

Start your project with a straight, true fuselage finish welded in our big fuselage jig. UNPAINTED because there are many parts that still need to be welded on.

Quick Build Fuselage: $25,600 USD

No welding required by builder. The fuselage and all fittings are completed, sand-blasted and epoxy primed. All steel parts are coated with the epoxy primer and top coated with MIL-C-22750D epoxy paint. Sheet metal is included; cut and ready to be assembled, but may require some trimming. Door and frames, seat frames and the fiberglass nose bowl are included.

Bearhawk wingsWing Component Kit: $8,150 USD

  • Ribs formed (includes all wing, flap, aileron ribs)
  • Wing spars primed, assembled and finished
  • Also flap and aileron spars included